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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finding Rudolf Steiner

Today's craving and tonight's dinner: hard shell tacos with all the fixings. 

I had 4.

I am not ashamed.

And, I plan on having one of the pudding cups that Dave also brought home from the market. Is he an enabler or what?

R. and I started our new session of mommy and me today. We go once a week at a Waldorf school. This is our second session. We started going because apparently it is easier to get into the school of your choice when the time comes, if you were already enrolled in the mommy and me classes.

I'm starting to panic a little about the whole school thing. I live in Los Angeles and among the many heinous things about this town, the competition to get into the "right" school is outrageous and incredibly intimidating. I can't even believe I need to start thinking about schools. And the truth is, I'm kind of late to the game.

I've said it before, I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole Waldorf thing yet. It's all a little too, shall we say, fruity, for my taste. The particular school we go to is pretty hard core. That means we have to sing these creepy little songs that are right out of the Victorian Era. We make little felt bunnies and play with wooden toys and dolls with no faces. Also, the kids aren't supposed to watch any TV or see any movies. A little awkward for me today when R. would respond to any question with a hearty "NEMO!". I do, however like their basic philosophy. As far as their teaching style, we'll see if it's a fit for R., only time will tell.

My biggest concern is, we hadn't really looked into anything or anyplace else. And from what I understand, most of the "good" schools around here required me to have had him enrolled before my 6 month of pregnancy. It's crazy.

So, we might get stuck with a son who walks around the house singing about Typhoid Mary. I could really use that pudding.

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