blogging under the hormonal influence

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I feel tiger-ish- How 'bout you?

Doing nothing all day is exhausting.  

Today we have some "workmen" here fixing some of our electronic gadgetry.  So, I've been confined to the bedroom with R. and Panda since Dave left for work this morning.  It's been a Sprout Channel marathon that doesn't look to be ending any time soon.  

We are on our second round of Zaboomafoo.  

I'm getting cranky.

Our house is delightfully small so, there really aren't a lot of places for all of us to go.  Plopping them both down in front of the TV for an "indoor" day seemed like a good idea this morning.  That was when I thought I was only sutck here for a couple of hours.  But, as most fix-it jobs go, it's turning into an all day affair.

We are all still in our pj's.  It's well past lunch.  So tired.  Tired from doing nothing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

hey-it's the sun-and it makes me shine

Slept til 10am.

Let me say that again...

I Slept Until 10:00AM.

I was the only one in the house who did.  Which means there were two babies and a husband awake and active.  Which means Dave is awesome and treats me well.  

Now, I sit with one said baby on the boob, content. Polyphonic Spree filling the room.  And a very large lego structure looming over the top of my MacBook Air.  The size of the lego house usually is a testament to how long of a morning it was.

Today we brunch.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, well, well.  

Ok... so, I kinda suck at the whole sticking to something you've started thing.  However, after reading my good friend Khali's blog, I've become inspired to post anew.  

There is a lot of catching up to be done.  I will keep it simple:

-It's a boy!  

-Happy, healthy and almost 9 months old now.  Let's call him Panda.  Since, actually, that is what I call him.  He just got his first tooth.  He likes to clap.  He "talks" to us by clucking his tongue.  He's almost crawling.  We love him.

-We are trying.  We might be crazy.  Baby crazy.

-I'm 40.

-I'm in better shape now than I was before having kids thanks to working out three times a week with a trainer.  Dave has also lost almost 40 pounds and looks amazing.  He looks so good it makes me want to make a baby with him.

-I'm having so much fun every day with the boys.  I almost don't want it to end in September when R. starts pre-school.  The thought of it makes me tear up.  My little sweet boy.  Too much.  Too much.

-Simply put, life is good.  More to come.