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Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, well, well.  

Ok... so, I kinda suck at the whole sticking to something you've started thing.  However, after reading my good friend Khali's blog, I've become inspired to post anew.  

There is a lot of catching up to be done.  I will keep it simple:

-It's a boy!  

-Happy, healthy and almost 9 months old now.  Let's call him Panda.  Since, actually, that is what I call him.  He just got his first tooth.  He likes to clap.  He "talks" to us by clucking his tongue.  He's almost crawling.  We love him.

-We are trying.  We might be crazy.  Baby crazy.

-I'm 40.

-I'm in better shape now than I was before having kids thanks to working out three times a week with a trainer.  Dave has also lost almost 40 pounds and looks amazing.  He looks so good it makes me want to make a baby with him.

-I'm having so much fun every day with the boys.  I almost don't want it to end in September when R. starts pre-school.  The thought of it makes me tear up.  My little sweet boy.  Too much.  Too much.

-Simply put, life is good.  More to come.


Fertilized said...

Congrats and Welcome Back

Khali MacIntyre said...

Hey look at you!!!! I did not know you were at it again!!! yeah!!! I will link to you immediately!!! and I will stop with the exclamation points now. I am baby crazy too. I feel like it is my only real purpose in life at this point. expensive Health insurance first and then expensive babies.