blogging under the hormonal influence

Saturday, February 16, 2008

for a minute there, I lost myself

This being pregnant thing is no joke. It always seems like such a good idea in theory, then those first few weeks of sickness and sadness, tiredness and anxiousness are enough to make you wonder how any of us have siblings. And, for me, I get that extra shot of hormones courtesy of my fertility doctor.  It really makes it all so much more enjoyable.  But, I look at my 15 month old son and remember why we're doing this again.  Ok, so I guess that's how we all have siblings.  It also may be why a lot of siblings are about 2 years apart.  They are so much fun and so heartbreakingly adorable for those first couple of years that most of us fall in love with the idea of having a houseful of babies.  Then you get knocked up again and just when it's too late to change your mind, they turn.  They become a little more demanding, a little harder to please. They become, well, people.  How dare they.  

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