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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

that's how strong my love is

I wouldn't consider myself a parent who "schedules" their kid.  We have about three classes/activities a week that we attend.  
  • Monday: mommy&me at a Waldorf school that I'm not sure I'm sold on yet 
  • Tuesday: Music Together
  • Wednesday: free
  • Thursday: My Gym
  • Friday: he goes with a nanny.  
Not too much, right?  Each activity is only about an hour or more.  It's mostly to get him (and me) out of the house and around other kids and moms.  Today is Wednesday, which meant I woke up with that feeling of dread that I have almost every Wednesday. " What are going to do today?  Shit.  I don't know where to take him, what should we do? what about his nap? should we go out before or after?  then what do we do?  what if he falls asleep in the car?  should I bring a book just in case or try to do the car-crib transfer?" (which almost never works)  Which leads to the realization that these things are only going to get harder.  I can already see him getting bored when we are in the house for most of the day.  He's kinda sick of his toys and although his current obsession with watching Shrek and Finding Nemo on a loop is actually helpful and a great time killer, probably not the most responsible parenting on my part to condone it.  It's just that, right now I am in the throws of the first trimester and all that comes with it.  I just don't have the energy sometimes to get off the couch and entertain.  It gets me down.  I tell myself that once that second trimester hits I'll get that surge of energy back.  I'll get my strength again.

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