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Friday, February 22, 2008

thank god it's...

Ahhhh... Fridays.  Love that baby, but TGIF DAMMIT!  It's the one day a week that we splurged on a nanny, Elena.  It feels so decadent to even say we have one in our employ.  He loves her and I get the day to myself.  Not that I actually use it for anything productive, but-it's my day!!!  I do have an ongoing wishlist of Friday activites, most of which never get accomplished.  Let's see:  finish making the curtains for our kitchen that I started in November, get a pedicure, unpack some boxes, make a fancy storage bin for my fabric, shower, organize toys...


Ok, it's now Saturday.  I showered.  I feel good about that. But, that's about it.  As usual, the baby has a fever.  As much as we love Elena, it does seem that within 24 hours of being in her care, the baby gets sick.  More often than not.  I attribute this to just being out there among other snotty, drooly kids like himself.  But, I think Dave thinks there's something more sinister going on.  

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