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Friday, February 29, 2008

Who's the baby around here, anyway

This may sound ridiculous and, to me, it does, but, I swear that baby knows there's another one on the way.  It seems impossible since half the time even I forget there's one in there.  He is definitely acting like he's mad at me or something.  At first I thought it had to do with not seeing me much this week.  Part of it in the hospital, the other part locked away behind the bedroom door that he would occasionally pound on screaming "MAMA MAMA!"  until Dave dragged him away.  That's enough to get any kid, let's say, slightly frustrated.  

When Elena picked him up today she confirmed that yes, he does seem to have a bit of a thing towards me this week.  She thinks he knows about the pregnancy.  Apparently babies are much more intuitive about these things.  Elena said "well, you two are so close, so he knows."  Thanks for the encouragement.  Little does she know that the mere mention of "Nena", as he calls her, sends him into a fit of joy.  I can only hope the same happens when someone mentions "Mama" in my absence.  

Lately I've been a little sensitive to the idea that maybe that's not the case.  Of course, Dave thinks I'm being, oh, how does he put it... oh yeah- stupid.  

(I know, eloquent, he is after all, a writer).  

And I know I am.  it does sound quite immature of me to whine about my own baby "not liking me".  I am definitely falling into that old trap of being jealous of the nanny.  Oh god-do I have to call her the nanny?  I just hate how that sounds.  It makes me sound like I'm off getting pedicures and sipping mimosas every day while someone else takes care of my son.  Ya know, it's not like I have a job or anything.  (Kick self today for questionable past decision-check.)

There will be (fingers crossed) 7 or so more months of this. I guess what I'm saying is, nut up kid. This is your life now-learn to share.

Ahhh, my motherly nurturing astounds me sometimes.

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