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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Square Meal

It's Saturday and I successfully made it out of the house for at least most of it.  Still feeling the aftermath of the surgery.  Combine that with the morning sickness and life just sucks for me right now.  The nausea is definitely worse than last time.  Which I've heard is typical.  It hasn't helped things much that this week my doc doubled my hormone intake.  Hopefully I won't have to take them much longer.  We have yet another ultrasound on Monday.  I should be glad to be getting so much prenatal attention but, it gets a little old having a probe shoved into you on a weekly basis.  There's a bad joke in there but, I am too tired to muster it.

On the menu tonight... Steak-Um sandwiches and top ramen. That's the craving of the moment. I will be regretting it shortly thereafter.

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