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Monday, March 3, 2008

8 wks 3 days

Had another ultrasound today.  The baby is now 8 weeks and 3 days gestation.  Today was the first time it all seemed real.  Like maybe this one will last.  It actually looked like something more than a blob.  We could even see it's little arm and leg buds moving around.  I finally had that moment of happiness that I remembered having when we first saw R.'s heartbeat blinking away.  In fact, during my whole pregnancy with him we referred to him as blinky.  Now we have blinky-2, electric boogaloo. (sorry about that, I am ashamed at my hackiness)

Our happy-cry time was of course short lived as we started to have the talk of the inevitable pre-natal screenings. With R. we had a Nuchal Translucency that showed some questionable stuff. We then had an Amnio which came back normal. I was 36 then. I'll be 39 when blinky-2 is born. Things can get a little dicier. So, we had the sit down with our doc about all the lovely tests I now will have to endure, what will likely happen if said tests come back unfavorable and what will occur if we have to make a "decision". Way to knock me back down, doc! I know I can always count on you for that.

So, b-2 you have a breather for the next few weeks than it's back to the stirrups for me for your first big test in life. Hope you pass!


Fertilize Me said...

Congrats to you and good luck to you with the tests. I had Dr's doubts after doubts recently and I thank god for this blog to survive them.

the kids mom said...

So glad you found me! I only wish I'd started this blog years ago when I entered the world of infertility. One day I write a recap!