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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helter Skelter

I had to blog if only to save my ears from the massacre that is playing out on my TV right now.  The unthinkable has happened... somehow, American Idol got their grubby little hands on selections from the Lennon/McCartney songbook.  Many of your favorite Beatles songs are currently being mercilessly butchered on prime time television.  How could they.  Is nothing sacred?

Tonight we told the last of the grand parents.  It still feels really weird to me to be openly discussing this pregnancy so early.  I'm so used to keeping the big secret until that magic 13 week marker.

Today was a good day. Didn't feel too sick. Was able to eat, or not eat, without feeling nauseous. Also wasn't begging for a nap more than the baby. R. was such a good boy all day. We even got to go visit with a friend of mine who I haven't seen in a long time. He quietly played on her office floor while we chatted and caught up. Dave had an important meeting today and it went really well. Then the in-laws came by for dinner. A pretty good day.

Yet another blood test today to check my hormone levels. No more need for Estrogen but I still have to take the Endometrin, at least until my next doc appointment on Monday.

Tomorrow we have an appointment for genetic counseling. I'm not exactly sure what that means. I mean, I know it's because I'm old, ok, I get that. But, there's nothing particularly alarming in either of our family histories. Well... there's my mom... and the way she just... is. And ok, my brothers- they would require me to start an entirely other blog to tell that story. We already have a CVS scheduled for two weeks from now (again, I'm old). So, if anything I'll have a good two weeks to worry about whatever is uncovered tomorrow and whatever will be confirmed with a CVS. At least I'll have something to do.


Anonymous said...

quit saying you're old.

Fertilized said...

Good luck to you - We did Genetic Counseling and it really was't a huge deal at all. THey asked questions about our immediate family and based our "risks" on that interview. SO if you have nothing to report- then they will have nothing to report back to you about. I doubt it is because you "think" you are old. Good Luck tomorrow

Khali MacIntyre said...

I know you wrote this stuff awhile ago but I am rather enjoying it now. I want to have children so badly. I find it comforting to read your stories. and you have a gorgeous family. so lucky.